We work with telecommunications operators, public administrations and companies to anticipate the challenges of growth and market transformation, improving their business strategy and network operational efficiency.

Our work model guarantees the experience and knowledge of our experts, as well as the methodology and tools to manage strategic challenges in highly competitive and complex environments.


We have the experience, the resources and a clear objective that allows us to respond to the challenges presented to us in an agile and continuous manner, which has allowed us to maintain a long-term relationship with each of our clients.


Our commitment is to provide the best service to our customers, based on the highest quality levels in the sector; prompt response, productivity, communication, collaboration and cost reduction, maintaining a highly qualified staff in new technologies and the development of specific tools, thus merging an integral and excellent service.


Providing specialized technical support, we have become leaders in North America and the Caribbean, we implement specialized software, multivendor support and we have capacity and experience in the area of infrastructure.


Being leaders in America and the Caribbean, we demand global solutions, integrate performance and monitoring services, implement specialized software, business analysis, support and maintenance and infrastructure.


We have the latest generation platforms that allow us to guarantee you an excellent service, complying with the agreements agreed upon.



T7 DIMENSION starts by winning the L3 Support contest for the CDMA Complete networks in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, emphasizing that we are still taking charge of it.


We launched our Monitoring Solution, Fault Management and Performance "VIGIA", thus generating an outstanding added value in Network Support and Maintenance.


We reinvent the way to provide Advanced Support L3 to a new solution for our clients with the creation of the solution "SUPPORT PLATINUM".


Start of Operations in Mexico as Support L3 Multivendor for two of the largest mobile phone operators in Mexico


Launching of our Infrastructure area, collaborating as suppliers of Installations and dismantling for Telecommunications and Carriers companies nationwide.


We are in North America the first to be direct suppliers of the 3 largest companies in the middle of Telecommunications.

Prizes &


Certification as L3 Support Provider and Maintenance satisfactorily fulfilling all quality guidelines based on the ISO9000.


First Place in the "Scoring Criteria Vendor Services" of one of the most important telecommunications companies in Mexico For the impeccable execution of the maintenance plans, preventive tasks and proactive support.


First Place as the best service provider in the "Deployment Ps Core" infrastructure area of the largest mobile phone operators in Mexico, 2016.


Certification 2017, as a Multivendor service provider for the 2G/3G network, satisfactorily fulfilling the required quality standards.


T7 DImension in its desire to maintain its goal of continuous improvement has decided to develop and implement a quality system that guarantees the quality of our services, through verification tools, training of our staff and innovation of our processes, with the idea fundamental that quality is the principle of all and between all is built.

The orientation towards quality brings us closer to the optimization of our services and better knowledge management, allowing an orderly planning of the phases that compose it.