Telco and Enterprise


Highly specialized!


We put ourselves in
the client's place


Platinum Level

With our PLATINUM support methodology, we give our clients a series of added values on a traditional support service. The objective of this service is to extend the useful life of the equipment, maximizing the operation and reducing operating costs due to anticipated technological substitution.

Global Solutions


Thanks to the integration of Platinum Support, Performance and Monitoring services, the implementation of specialized software, business analysis, maintenance and infrastructure, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in North America and the Caribbean, providing our clients with global solutions and specialized.

24/7 Online Support

Multi platform

Our help desk is supported by a new generation cloud platform. that allows us to guarantee the best attention to our clients.

Our users have a direct personalized attention channel, experts in line and real-time monitoring.

Infrastructure Service


All our services demand excellence, so the members of our crews and engineers are highly qualified in their specialty, we excel in site survey, facilities, disassembling and equipment migrations.


We are a Mexican company with the best support in the industry.

We are a Mexican company with more than 10 years covering the demand of Telecommunications Operators seeking to have an assertive and professional support for their equipment and pre-existing systems.

We are currently a multi-brand provider with corporate offices in Mexico City that provides services to the main operators in MX and LATAM.



Experience and Commitment

At T7 DIMENSION we help Telecommunications and IT companies during the life cycle of their projects, adding VALUE to their pre-existing equipment (Legacy Platforms) and new Technology Equipment through our Platinum support methodology.




We know that telecommunications operators require specialized support and monitoring services that understand the sensitivity of the business and are able to respond effectively to these needs.

For this reason, we visualize and transform the way in which the infrastructure and services provided by telecommunications networks are traditionally managed and supported.

Nearness to
the Client

We like to understand the client and put ourselves in their place.

We have the experience, the resources and a clear objective, which allows us to respond in an agile and continuous way to the challenges that we face and to foster a long-term relationship with each of our clients.


of Risks

We like the challenges of this industry.

We are an innovative company willing to change the current market model to provide the best support, maintenance and monitoring service.